A Roundtable on Peter Mandler’s “The Crisis of the Meritocracy”

Tuesday, April 6, 2021  12:30pm Virtual Event at 12:30pm (EDT)


Free and open to the public

Registration required

Before the Second World War, only about 20% of Britons attended secondary school, and no more than 2% got as far as higher education. Today, of course, everyone attends secondary school, and 50% go on to higher education. How did we get from there to here - from an elite, not even 'meritocratic' system to a mass-education system that prioritizes access? Peter Mandler's new book combines historical, sociological, and economic perspectives to reveal the hidden drivers of a system that we take for granted, but is in fact a recent construct.


Peter Mandler, Cambridge University

Deborah Cohen, Northwestern University

Ben Schmidt, New York University

Jonathan Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania

Guy Ortolano, New York University

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Sponsors: Columbia University Seminars | NYU Department of History | New York-Cambridge Training Collaboration (NYCTC) | The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

Organized by Guy Ortolano (NYU) and Susan Pedersen, Gouverneur Morris Professor of History (Heyman Fellow, 2020-2021)


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