Adrienne Rich

Sunday, September 25, 2005  8:00pm Miller Theatre


Free Tickets available at the Miller Theater Box Office

Free and open to the public

Two tickets are allowed per person

Adrienne Rich's poetry means so much to so many people that it is hard to convey her influence briefly and simply. She has evoked intense experience, she has expressed anger, hurt, and love, she has awakened in us an awareness of the vast and unfamiliar psychological recesses that are filled and shaped by familiar forms of social domination, even as she has taught us the possibilities of resistance and the scope of courage. On this occasion, sponsored by the Heyman Centre for the Humanities at the Miller Theater, she will read from some of her new and her old poems, and talk about them. Tickets, which are free, are available at the Miller Theater Box Office. Two tickets are allowed per person.



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