Edward Said’s On Late Style

Wednesday, September 26, 2007  7:00pm International Affairs Building, Altschul Auditorium


Free and open to the public

No registration required

Photo ID required for entry

Seamus Deane, Michael Fried, Marina Warner, Maynard Solomon, and Michael Wood join a panel discussion of Edward Said's posthumous publication, On Late Style: Music and Literature Against the Grain (April, 2006). This event will be presented in collaboration with Pantheon Books.


  • Michael Fried

    J.R. Herbert Boone Professor of Humanities and Art History

    Johns Hopkins University

  • Maynard Solomon

    Musicologist and Biographer

  • Seamus Deane

    Professor of English and Donald and Marilyn Keough Professor of Irish Studies

    The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies

  • Marina Warner

    Professor in the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies

    University of Essex


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