Jumping Sides: When Critics Make Art and Artists Do Criticism

Monday, May 1, 2017  6:15pm Pulitzer Hall (formerly Journalism Hall), Pulitzer Hall, World Room


Free and open to the public

No registration necessary

First come, first seated


The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

The disciplines of creating art and criticizing art, while interdependent, are often thought of as mutually exclusive, and even antagonistic. Artists often dismiss critical inquiry as irrelevant or exploitative, and critics often claim that the ability to produce creative work is no prerequisite for what they do. What happens, then, when critics dare to work in the creative field they criticize?

A panel of four artist/critics will discuss this dual calling:

            Eliza Bent, playwright/actor & theater journalist

            Ethan Greenbaum, visual artist & arts editor/writer

            Kellie Jones, curator & art scholar/critic

            Greg Tate, musician & music critic

Moderated by Professors Alisa Solomon, dramaturg & theater critic, and David Hajdu, songwriter & music critic. 


  • Moderator

    Alisa Solomon

    Professor & Director, Arts Concentration at Journalism School

    Columbia University

  • Moderator

    David Hajdu

    Professor of Journalism

    Columbia University

  • Discussant

    Kellie Jones

    Associate Professor in Art History and Archaeology

    Columbia University

  • Discussant

    Greg Tate


  • Discussant

    Ethan Greenbaum


  • Discussant

    Eliza Bent

    Adjunct Lecturer

    Brooklyn College


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