Politics of the Present

Professional Journalism, Polarization, Post-Truth, and Post-Trump

Thursday, November 9, 2017  5:00pm - 7:00pm Barnard Hall, James Room


Free and open to the public

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Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy

Coming To Terms With A Polarized Society

"Professional Journalism, Polarization, Post-Truth, and Post-Trump"

Michael Schudson, Professor of Journalism, Columbia University.


Leonard Downie, Jr., Weil Family Professor of Journalism, Arizona State University; Former Executive Editor, Washington Post

Bill Keller, Editor-in-Chief, The Marshall Project; Former Executive Editor, New York Times


  • Presenter

    Michael Schudson

    Professor, School of Journalism

    Columbia University

  • Panelist

    Leonard Downie Jr.

    Weil Family Professor of Journalism

    Arizona State University

  • Panelist

    Bill Keller


    The Marshall Project


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