Secret Reports on Nazi Germany: The Frankfurt School Contribution to the War Effort

Tuesday, October 22, 2013  6:15pm The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room


Heyman Center for the Humanities

During the Second World War, three prominent members of the Frankfurt School--Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kirchheimer--worked as intelligence analysts for the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime forerunner of the CIA. Secret Reports on Nazi Germany brings together their most important intelligence reports on Nazi Germany, most of them published for the first time.

These reports provide a fresh perspective on Hitler's regime and the Second World War, and a fascinating window on Frankfurt School critical theory. They develop a detailed analysis of Nazism as a social and economic system and the role of anti-Semitism in Nazism, as well as a coherent plan for the reconstruction of postwar Germany as a democratic political system with a socialist economy. These reports played a significant role in the development of postwar Allied policy, including denazification and the preparation of the Nuremberg Trials. They also reveal how wartime intelligence analysis shaped the intellectual agendas of these three important German-Jewish scholars who fled Nazi persecution prior to the war.

Editor of the volume, Raffaele Laudani, will be in conversation with Nadia Urbinati, Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory and Hellenic Studies at Columbia University, Jean Cohen, Nell and Herbert M Singer Professor of Contemporary Civilization in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University, and Ira Katznelson, Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History at Columbia University.

Free and open to the public. Seating is limited and first-come, first-served.



  • Raffaele Laudani

    Researcher in the Department of History Culture Civilization

    University of Bologna

  • Nadia Urbinati

    Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory and Hellenic Studies

    Columbia University

  • Jean Cohen

    Nell and Herbert M. Singer Professor of Political Theory and Contemporary Civilization

    Columbia University

  • Ira Katznelson

    Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History

    Columbia University

  • Axel Honneth

    Jack C. Weinstein Professor for the Humanities

    Columbia University


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