Spring 201336 / 37

Jonathan Schell, the author of the pioneering work "The Fate of the Earth," has turned his gaze recently on the urgencies of climate change today. He will be joined by James Tully, a political theorist and intellectual historian of the Cambridge school. To listen to an audio recording of this event please click here.

Taking “medical humanities” as its subject, this conference considers some of the investigations and interventions made by those who study illness and health from the perspectives of the arts, humanities, and human sciences.  Presentations by medical practitioners, historians, social justice advocates, medical journalists, disability studies and narrative studies scholars will be interspersed with readings by poets and novelists, reports from the field, and a theatrical performance.

Many economists and philosophers, ranging from Aquinas and Ibn Khaldun to Adam Smith and Marx, have declared deep connections between value and labor.  Is there such a connection?  And if so, what form does it take? Two of the most prominent economists on the Left—Prabhat Patnaik and John Roemer--respond to these questions and their relevance to the global political economy today.

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