The Money Series

The Social, Legal, and Political Life of Money

Friday, May 8, 2015  12:00pm - 6:30pm The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room


Heyman Center for the Humanities

Department of History

Money is a notoriously difficult phenomenon to grasp. Why it works, how it works, and where it works are elusive questions that scholars have wrestled with for ages. In this event, we bring together the authors of three recent books on money and a set of respondents to stage a conversation about the social, legal, and political role and implications of money. Exploring the past, present, and future of money, authors Christine Desan (Law), Rebecca Spang (History), and Nigel Dodd (Sociology) will share insights from their research on the legal determination of money, the political instrumentality of money, and the transformative power of a redefinition of money. Respondents representing numerous disciplines will engage these themes and situate them within their own scholarship.

Respondents: Tim Alborn (CUNY), Dan Carey (NIU Galway), Charly Coleman (Columbia), Joel Kaye (Barnard), Gustav Peebles (New School), Steve Pincus (Yale), Sophia Rosenfeld (Virginia), John Shovlin (NYU), Deborah Valenze (Barnard), and Frederick Wherry (Yale).

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  • Timothy Alborn

    Professor of History

    Lehman College, CUNY

  • Daniel Carey

    Professor of English

    National University of Ireland, Galway

  • Charly Coleman

    Assistant Professor of History

    Columbia University

  • William Deringer

    Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Christine Desan

    Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law

    Harvard University

  • Nigel Dodd

    Professor of Sociology

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Joel Kaye

    Professor of History

    Barnard College

  • Sarah Muir

    Term Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Barnard College

  • Gustav Peebles

    Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

    The New School

  • Steven Pincus

    Bradford Durfee Professor of History

    Yale University

  • Sophia Rosenfeld

    Professor of History

    University of Virginia

  • Timothy Shenk

    Jacob K. Javits Fellow in History

    Columbia University

  • John Shovlin

    Associate Professor of History

    New York University

  • Rebecca Spang

    Associate Professor of History

    Indiana University, Bloomington

  • Deborah Valenze

    Professor of History

    Barnard College

  • Carl Wennerlind

    Associate Professor of History

    Barnard College

  • Frederick Wherry

    Professor of Sociology

    Yale University


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