The Unplugged Soul: A Conference on the Podcast

Friday, April 14, 2017 - Saturday, April 15, 2017 Brown Institute, Pulitzer Hall


Free and open to the public

Registration required

First come, first seated


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REGISTER HERE A series of unprecedented freedoms – on demand software, discrete audiences, portable devices, cheap production costs, the bypassing of broadcast infrastructure and with it content restrictions – liberates the podcast from mass media's customary limitations, and podcasters are now making the most of their new territory. This conference ranges wide in its exploration of what amounts to a burgeoning new art form captivating listeners worldwide: the "impact bar" has never been higher in a culture brimming with content, but podcasters and producers have latched on to ancient verities of storytelling and the new mores of disclosure to win us over – to unplug the hyperconnected soul. 


Friday, April 14:

5:00-7:00pm: Keynote Discussion

Chris Lydon & Dave Winer


Saturday, April 15

10:00-11:45: In Microphones Begin Responsibilities

Hillary Frank, “Podcasts Can Change the World (At Least a Little)”

Devon Taylor, “New Ears”

Rachel Zucker, “Less and Less and Less Alone”


1:30-3:15: Disrupting Story

Jeff Emtman, “The Cult of the Story”

Bethany Jo Denton, “A Case for the Minimalist Narrator”

Jonathan Hirsch, “Storytelling vs Stenography: Truth and Narrative in the Age of Alternative Facts”


3:30-5:15: The Future of Listening

Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson, “Get Close. Now Get Closer… Creating Audio Movies for the Mind"

Benjamen Walker, “Visions Come True”



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