The Lionel Trilling Seminar

The Will to Know: Foucault, Proust, Godard

Thursday, April 24, 2008  6:15pm The Schapiro Center, Davis Auditorium


Free and open to the public

First come, first seated

No registration required

Literary theorist and Professor Emeritus of French at the University of California, Berkeley, Leo Bersani speaks on "The Will to Know." Lee Edelman, Professor of English at Tufts University, and Carolyn Dean, Professor of History and Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, serve as respondents.


  • Featured Speaker

    Leo Bersani

    Literary theorist and Professor Emeritus of French

    University of California, Berkeley

  • Respondent

    Lee Edelman

    Fletcher Professor of English Literature

    Tufts University

  • Respondent

    Carolyn Dean

    Charles J. Stille Professor of History and French

    Yale University


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