The Edward W. Said Memorial Lecture

David Bromwich, “Moral Imagination”

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HE 2006-2007 SAID MEMORIAL LECTURE "Moral Imagination" Tuesday, 17 April 6:15pm David Bromwich, Sterling Professor of English at Yale University, is a renowned authority on Romantic and modern poetry, and on the history of literary criticism. His publications include Hazlitt: The Mind of a Critic, about metaphysician, painter, critic and essayist William Hazlitt, 1778-1830, which was a National Book Critics Circle finalist in 1984; Disowned by Memory: Wordsworth's Poetry of the 1790s; and A Choice of Inheritance: Self and Community from Edmund Burke to Robert Frost.

Frank Kermode will speak about "Living On the Hyphen: Yeats, Anglo-Irish Poet." 

In the talk “Wagner, Israel, and Palestine,” Barenboim argues that the Zionist impulse that leads Israel to defend itself against cultural as well as military foes wil not result in progress. Rather, he states that peace will come only when Israel drops its defenses against both.


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