Unsung Stories: Women at Columbia’s Computer Music Center

Friday, April 9, 2021 - Saturday, April 10, 2021 Virtual Event at 1:00pm (EDT) Friday and 9:00am (EDT) Saturday


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The symposium Unsung Stories: Women at Columbia's Computer Music Center focuses on women who have studied and worked at the renowned Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (renamed the Computer Music Center in 1996). Unsung Stories highlights the work of women, including the work of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ composers and musicians at the Center, examining how institutional networks and intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, national origin, and other identifications impacted the daily work, modes of interaction, and visibility of women composers at the CPEMC/CMC and in the field more broadly. It features panels and roundtables with over thirty composers and scholars who will discuss the legacy, musical excellence, experience, and visibility of the diverse women who have worked at the Center from the 1950s to the present. 

Unsung Stories also includes a podcast series with an initial five episodes released this spring, featuring women active at the CPEMC/CMC over the years. In Fall 2021, Unsung Stories will wrap up with a concert showcasing work by women affiliated with the Center.

For more information about Unsung Stories, please visit https://www.unsungstoriescmc.com.

Portions of the symposium will be recorded. Please note that if you submit to the Q&A, your name and question may appear in the recording.

We as the staff of Unsung Stories stand in solidarity with Graduate Workers of Columbia, GWC-UAW Local 2110, who are on strike as of March 15 for a fair contract, including the right to third party, neutral arbitration. Owing to the complicated logistics of coordinating such a large number of speakers from all over the world, as well as co-director Professor Ellie Hisama's new appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto starting this summer, we have decided to move forward with the online symposium Unsung Stories: Women at Columbia's Computer Music Center, April 9-10, 2021, as scheduled. For more information about the graduate worker union at Columbia including ways to support its members, please visit the union's website.


Norma Beecroft (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Hannah Bosma (University of Amsterdam)
Kitty Brazelton (Bennington College)
Courtney Bryan (Tulane University)
Kamari Carter (Columbia University & New York, NY)
Seth Cluett (Columbia University)
Brigid Cohen (New York University, FAS)
Cathy Cox (Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan)
Teresa Díaz de Cossio (University of California, San Diego/Universidad Autónoma de Baja California)
Zosha Di Castri (Columbia University)
Natacha Diels (University of Pennsylvania)
Brad Garton (Columbia University)
Bob Gluck (University at Albany)
Mara Helmuth (University of Cincinnati)
Ellie Hisama (Columbia University)
Yvette Janine Jackson (Harvard University)
Miki Kaneda (Boston University)
Roshanak Kheshti (University of California, San Diego)
Judy Klein (New York, NY)
Yuriko Hase Kojima (Shobi University)
Sky Macklay (Valparaiso University)
Miya Masaoka (Columbia University)
Joyce Solomon Moorman (Columbia, SC)
Frances Morgan (University of Lincoln)
Matthew Morrison (New York University, Tisch School of the Arts)
Katharina Rosenberger (University of Music Lübeck)
Daria Semegen (Stony Brook University, CPEMC —1971-75)
Alice Shields (CPEMC/CMC 1964-1996)
Pril Smiley (CPEMC—1963-95)
Ebonie Smith (Gender Amplified, Inc. & Atlantic Records)
Danielle Shlomit Sofer (Dublin, Ireland)
Laurie Spiegel (New York, NY)
Michael Sy Uy (Harvard University)
Asha Tamirisa (Bates College)
Sondra Woodruff (Kelly Strayhorn Theater)
Nina Young (University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music)

The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities
The Office of the Provost
The Center for Science and Society
The Committee on Equity and Diversity
The Department of Music
The Fritz Reiner Center for Contemporary Music
The Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality
The Computer Music Center
The Sound Art Program
Barnard Center for Research on Women


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