The Disciplines Series: Evaluation, Value, and Evidence

Value: Social and Ecological

Thursday, May 2, 2013  6:15pm The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room


Free and open to the public

First come, first seated

Photo ID required for entry

Jonathan Schell, the author of the pioneering work "The Fate of the Earth," has turned his gaze recently on the urgencies of climate change today. He will be joined by James Tully, a political theorist and intellectual historian of the Cambridge school.  Together they will discuss the moral and political issues of values as the emerge in our relations to nature and to each other as its inhabitants.

This event is made possible through the generous funding of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 


  • Featured Speaker

    Jonathan Schell


  • Featured Speaker

    James Tully

    Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Law, Indigenous Governance and Philosophy

    University of Victoria, Canada

  • Chair

    Akeel Bilgrami

    Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy

    Columbia University


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