Words Are Bodies Up Against Borders: A Conversation about Translation and Race w/ Jennifer Hayashida

Wednesday, September 27, 2017  7:00pm 413 Dodge Hall

Poet / translator / visual artist JENNIFER HAYASHIDA speaks about her work translating writers of color into and out of her dual native languages Swedish and English, and the ways in which bodies acting against the state and also being acted upon by the state leave their marks across languages in texts that, like bodies, do not seamlessly cross borders. Hayashida is most recently the translator, from the Swedish, of Ida Börjel’s Miximum Ca’Canny The Sabotage Manuals (Commune Editions, 2016), Athena Farrokhzad’s White Blight (Argos Books, 2015), and Karl Larsson’s Form/Force (Black Square Editions, 2015). With Ida Börjel, she is the Swedish co-translator of Solmaz Sharif’s Look (Rámus Förlag, 2017). She is currently at work on the English translation of The Day I Am Free, Lawen Mohtadi’s biography of the Swedish Roma civil rights activist and author Katarina Taikon, to be published by Sternberg Press in 2018. 



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