Heyman Center Fellowships

About the Fellowship

​Funded by The Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University, the Heyman Center for the Humanities (HCH), working closely with the Arts & Sciences, appoints Heyman Center Fellows each academic year. These yearlong fellowships provide four junior and four senior Columbia faculty with course relief that allows them to reduce their teaching loads to a minimum of one course per semester during the award year in order to conduct research and to participate in a regular weekly seminar, chaired by the Faculty Director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities.  Four post-MPhil graduate students are also appointed, receiving a $5,000 research allowance for their participation.

The Heyman Center Fellows seminar meets regularly (ten times each semester).  In addition to providing the opportunity to present work-in-progress, the seminar fosters discussion across disciplines and fields, creating opportunities for collaborative research and teaching in future semesters.  Heyman Center Fellows have the opportunity to propose Heyman Center public events, which they would take the lead in organizing.


2016-2017 Heyman Center Fellows: 

Senior Faculty Fellowships
Maja Horn (Barnard, Spanish and Latin American Cultures)
Jean E. Howard (English)
Nara Milanich (History)
Guari Viswanathan (English)

Junior Faculty Fellowships
Manan Ahmed (History)
Tarik Amar (History)
Catherine Fennell (Anthropology)
Marcus Folch (Classics)
Natasha Lightfoot (History)
Rhiannon Stephens (History)

Graduate Student Fellowships
Irina Denischenko (Slavic)
Samantha Fox (Anthropology)
Ulug Kuzuoglu (History)
Seth Williams (English)

2017-2018 Call for Proposals

Faculty applications for the Heyman Center Fellowships (2017-18) are due 1 September 2016.  Post-MPhil graduate student applications are due 1 November 2016.  Fellowships are open to all Columbia and Barnard tenured and tenure-track faculty and dissertating graduate students.


  • research proposal (1500 words);
  • cover letter, giving a brief description (200 words) of the project, a brief schedule for completion, and commenting on why participation in a weekly interdisciplinary seminar at this point in your research would be beneficial
  • curriculum vitae (this must include a section on departmental and university service)
  • letters of recommendation (2) required for dissertating graduate students only

Submission Guidelines:

Applications must be submitted as a single Word or PDF document, containing all materials noted above (excluding letters of recommendation—for graduate students only).  Label the file thus: Last Name, First Name—HCH Fellowship 2017-18 (e.g., “Hamilton, Alexander—HCH Fellowship 2017-18”)

Recommendations for graduate student applications for the Heyman Center Fellowship must also be submitted by recommenders as a Word or PDF document, labeled as above (e.g., “Recommendation for Hamilton, Alexander—HCH Fellowship 2017-18”)

Send the application file (and letters of recommendation where applicable) as an attachment in an email to: [email protected].

Click here for a Call for Applications specific to the Graduate Student Fellowship.

Heyman Center Fellowships