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Long a source for quotations, fragments, and factoids, the Noctes Atticae of Aulus Gellius offers hundreds of brief but vivid glimpses of Roman intellectual life. In this book Joseph Howley demonstrates how the work may be read as a literary text in its own right, and discusses the rich evidence it provides for the ancient history of reading, thought, and intellectual culture. He argues that Gellius is in close conversation with predecessors both Greek and Latin, such as Plutarch and Pliny the Elder, and also offers new ways of making sense of the text's 'miscellaneous' qualities, like its disorder and its table of contents. Dealing with topics ranging from the framing of literary quotations to the treatment of contemporary celebrities who appear in its pages, this book offers a new way to learn from the Noctes about the world of Roman reading and thought.

Elliot Ross received his PhD in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. His dissertation examines narratives of the Kenyan War of Independence and its afterlives, and considers questions of historical reparation, anti-colonialism and human rights. His writing has appeared in the Guardian, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, and many other publications. He worked for five years as senior editor of the website Africa is a Country. As a Public Humanities Fellow, Elliot faciliated a series of podcasts in which New York public high school students interview scholars on a politically meaningful topic of their expertise.

Genres and Institutions (Moderator: David Gutkin) Joy Calico (Vanderbilt University): “Chaya Czernowin's Infinite Now” Will Robin (University of Maryland, College Park): “Opera for the 80s and Beyond, the Orchestra Residencies Program, and Institutional Experiments in American New Music in the 1980s”

Opera’s Systems (Moderator: Lydia Goehr) Jeanine Oleson (Parsons School of Design) Franck Leibovici (Paris) Yuval Sharon (The Industry, Los Angeles)

Composing and Performing (Moderator: Matthew Ricketts) Joan La Barbara (NYU) Du Yun (Peabody Institute) George Lewis (Columbia University)

Beyond the Opera House (Moderator: Arman Schwartz) Minou Arjomand (University of Texas at Austin): “Radio Opera” Jelena Novak (New University of Lisbon): “Opera beyond Itself: Installing the Operatic”

Retrospective—Robert Wilson (Moderator: Heather Wiebe)  David Gutkin (Peabody Institute): “Universal History, Posthistory, and Globality in Robert Wilson’s the CIVIL warS” Arman Schwartz (King’s College London): “Opera and Objecthood, from Einstein to Klinghoffer"