Alberto Moreiras


Texas A & M University

Alberto Moreiras is a Professor at Texas A & M University. His research interests include political thought and critical theory from perspectives that combine an interest in Continental philosophy (existential analytics, deconstruction), psychoanalysis, and Marxism. He is involved in research networks that interrogate contemporary Latin American democracies and the configuration of politico-theoretical responses to present social problems. He is working on concepts such as "posthegemony" and "infrapolitics," whose potential significance has to do with the possibility of rethinking the critical traditions of modernity. He has an interest in themes such as Latin American indigeneity, narcotrafficking, Italian contemporary thought, present forms of Latin Americanist critique, life philosophies, and the return of Hegelianism, but also, and perhaps primarily, in the study of a number of trends in the intellectual tradition that link intellectual life to an intensity of free enjoyment as opposed to the obligations of work for social and academic reproduction. He has written extensively on canonic Latin American literature and culture. He has strong interests in fiction, and selective interests in poetry. His work is comparative and interdisciplinary in nature. While at times he focuses exclusively on Latin America, at other times his overriding interest is Spain, and he keeps an open mind in terms of the pursuit of more general European or Inter-American or Transatlantic issues. He is co-editor of three journals (namely, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Res publica, and Política común), and runs a social network group (Crítica y Teoría). He is also a co-organizer of the Texas Research Group on Luso-Hispanic, Caribbean, and Latino Thought.