Alex Webb

Jazz Guitarist

Alex Webb studied jazz guitar with Andy Roemer in Tampa, Florida before moving to Boston. He has attended classes at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory. He also has attended the "Django in June" in Northampton, MA for the past five years and he took part in workshops with Adrien Moignard, Samson Schmitt, Sebastien Genaux and Antoine Boyer. "Gypsy jazz", Mr. Webb says, "is a blend of American jazz and Roma musical virtuosity. Django Reinhardt, a fascinating Roma musician, through his brilliant playing, has become known internationally as the "father of jazz guitar". There are now festivals all over Europe and the U.S. and Django’s life and music are being celebrated around the world. Mr. Webb is also inspired by the new generation of Roma musical virtuosos, such as Birele Lagrene and Florian Niculescu.