Andrew Murphy

Associate Professor

Rutgers University

Andrew Murphy’s research focuses on the interconnections between religious and political thought and practice, most particularly in the Anglo-American tradition. He is the author of Prodigal Nation: Moral Decline and Divine Punishment from New England to 9/11 (Oxford, 2009) and Conscience and Community: Revisiting Toleration and Religious Dissent in Early Modern England and America (Penn State, 2001). He has edited several volumes, including The Political Writings of William Penn (Liberty Fund, 2002) and A Companion to Religion and Violence (Blackwell, 2011). He is currently completing a book on the political thought of William Penn, and is co-authoring a volume on religious and political identity in the contemporary United States with David Gutterman of Willamette University. Murphy is Co-President of the Association for Political Theory; Book Review Editor of Politics and Religion; and Director of the Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy.