Carmen Julia Gutiérrez

Professor of Musicology

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Carmen Julia Gutiérrez graduated from Universidad de Oviedo in 1987 with a degree in Musicology, and majored in musical paleography at the Music School of Paleography and Philology at the Universidad de Pavía in 1988-89. She earned a doctorate degree at the Universidad de Oviedo in 1995 with the thesis La himnodia medieval en España, and in 1996 she recieved a degree in Romance Philology at the Universidad de Granada.

She has been interim professor of Conservatories Cordoba (1993-94) and Granada (1994-97) and professor and researcher at the University of Granada (1990-93), Oviedo (1996), Erlangen, Germany (1997-2002) and Complutense University of Madrid in 1997, where she is currently Professor of History of Musical Notation and Technical Publishing.