Carolyn Dean

Charles J. Stille Professor of History and French

Yale University

Carolyn Dean is the John Hay Professor of International Studies and Interim Director for the Waston Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

Carolyn Dean's recent publications include: The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust (2004); "Intellectual History and the Prominence of 'Things that Matter'," Rethinking History (2004); "Recent French Discourses on Stalinism, Nazism, and 'Exorbitant' Jewish Memory," History & Memory (2006); "Against Grandiloquence: 'Victim's Culture' and Jewish Memory," in The Modernist Imagination: Intellectual History and Critical Theory, eds. Warren Brenkman, Peter Gordon, Samuel Moyn, and Dirk Moses (2008); and Aversion and Erasure: The Fate of the Victim after the Holocaust (2010).