Charles Glass

Freelance Journalist

Charles Glass is a freelance journalist who regularly contributes to publications such as TIME, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Daily Newsweek, and The Guardian, among others. Glass was ABC News chief Middle East correspondent from 1983-1993, during which time he was taken hostage for 62 days by Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1987. He wrote about this experience in his book Tribes With Flags: A Dangerous Passage Through the Chaos of the Middle East. The sequel The Tribes Triumphant was published in 2006. His other recent books include The Northern Front: An Iraq War Diary (2006); Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under the Nazi Occupation, 1940-1944 (2009); and Deserter: the Last Untold Story of the Second World War (2013). Glass was awarded the George Foster Peabody Award, and has received additional awards from the Overseas Press Club and the Commonwealth.