Christian Cwik

Lecturer for European and Atlantic History

University of the West Indies

Dr. Christian Cwik has been the lecturer for European and Atlantic History at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine since August 2013. Previously he was lecturer of Caribbean and Latin American History at the University of Cologne in Germany. He has also held positions at Vienna University and the University of Graz in Austria. He has held visiting positions at Dresden University in Germany, the Pablo Olavide University in Seville,  the Havana University in Cuba as well as at the Cartagena University in Colombia and the Bolivarian University in Venezuela. His current research and teaching interests include the history of minorities, outlaws, proto-states, frontiers, contraband trade, autonomies, migration/escape/Shoah, resistance, discrimination, racism and anti-Judaism in the Americas and the Atlantic World.

Dr. Cwik is the author of number of articles and chapters on the Sephardic social, economic and legal history in the Americas and the Atlantic World, the relations between Sephardic Jews, Native Americans and Maroons, the escape of Jews and Nazis to the Americas in the 20th century, as well as Maroon history. He is the editor of 32 volumes of “Americas: Journal of Continental America and the Caribbean” and Editorial Board member of “Clío América: Revista interdisciplinaria en Ciencias Sociales para Estudios de Latinoamérica y el Caribe” (Universidad del Magdalena), “El Taller de la Historia: Anuario del Programa de Historia” (Universidad de Cartagena), and “Ariadna Tucma: Revista Latinoamericana” (Buenos Aires). He was invited to give visiting lectures at Universities and Museums in Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Germany and Jamaica, and presented papers at conferences in Austria, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, the USA and Venezuela.

Dr. Cwik is the president of ConaC Vienna, and a member of the Steering Committees of the Association of Economic History of the Caribbean, and the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Historians (ADHILAC). In 2005, he was the recipient of the Science Award from the City of Vienna, as well as the Prize of the 640 Year Commemoration of the Establishment of the University of Vienna. In 2005 and 2006 he received the Research Fellowship of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna.