Christopher Woods

Associate Professor of Sumerology

University of Chicago

Christopher Woods is associate professor of Sumerology in the Oriental Institute, the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and the Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World at the University of Chicago. He received his BS from Yale University and his PhD in Assyriology from Harvard University and was a junior fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows before joining the faculty of the University of Chicago. His research interests include Sumerian writing and language as well as early Mesopotamian religion, literature, and administration.  He is author of The Grammar of Perspective: The Sumerian Conjugation Prefixes as a System of Voice (Brill, 2008), Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon (Volume 18): Igituh, Idu, Lanu, and the Group Vocabularies (forthcoming) and is currently completing a monograph on early cuneiform writing The Origins and Development of Writing in Ancient Mesopotamia: A History, 3500 — 2000 BCE.