Claudia Pozzana

Associate Professor, Department of History and Cultures

University of Bologna

I studied Chinese at the University of Ca'Foscari , in Venezia, I graduated in 1973, then I was in China for long periods, the first time I was there from 1974-76 for two full academic years. I did research for another year in 1980-81 and then almost every tree years I was in China for three and four months, and last time, this year 2017 for Just a month. I have been a researcher of Chinese Language and Literature as well as modern and contemporary history since 1984 at the Unibo, and since 2007 I am tenure Associate Professor at the Department of Studi Linguistici e Orientali, now become Department of History Cultures and Civilizations.

My research focused on the 20th century and in particular in the period when the intellectuality has given an immense creative contribution to all fields of knowledge of Chinese Culture.

I have studied and translated Chinese contemporary poetry, and today I am still interested in poetry, especially migrant workers poets.

I did lectures abroad and taught in the United States for a semester.