Constantine Giannaris


Constantine Giannaris made his first independent films whilst he was living in London. He moved to Greece in 2000. His movies have showcased in international film festivals and forums. His first feature film in English shot in London, "3 Steps to Heaven," showcased in the Quizaine des Realisateurs/Camera D’or Cannes 1995. His second feature, "Apo tin Akri tis Polis" ("From the Edge of the City"), was shot in Athens and showcased in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival 1999. This was followed by "Dekapenaugoustos" ("One Day in August"), which was in competition in the Berlin Film Festival in 2002, and "Omiros" ("Hostage"), which was featured in the Panorama Special Berlin Film Festival in 2005. His recent feature film "Man At Sea" premiered in Berlinale 2011. He lives and works in Athens.