Corinna Treitel

Associate Professor of History

Washington University in St. Louis

Corinna Teitel is a German historian interested in the many ways that science, culture, and politics have intersected since the late eighteenth century. Her first book, A Science for the Soul: Occultism and the Genesis of the German Modern examined the German occult movement as an aspect of European modernism. German occultists made major contributions to twentieth-century art, psychology, literature, medicine, and what we now call "New Age" spirituality. .

Corinna Tietel's current research concerns the history of food and nutrition in Central Europe. She has written on the German nutritional physiologist Max Rubner, a now forgotten but key figure in the cultural history of the calorie. In September of 2008, ahw organized a conference with Rafia Zafar and Glenn Stone at Washington University on "The Ethics of Diet." Currently, she is working on a new book exploring the history of natural foods and farming in German-speaking Europe since the early nineteenth century.