David Kennerley

Postdoctoral Research Associate

King's College London

David Kennerley is a social and cultural historian of modern Britain with a particular interest in the history of sound, musical life and performance. He completed his doctorate in History at the University of Oxford in January 2014, with a thesis on professional female singers in Britain, c.1760-1850, supervised by Professor Bob Harris. Since then, he has worked as a research assistant to Professor Kathryn Gleadle at the University of Oxford and held two stipendiary lectureships at Worcester College and Somerville College, Oxford. He joined KCL in October 2016 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the European Research Council project ‘Music in London, 1800–1851’. His current book project, focusing on the period c.1780–1850, explores sonic aspects of gender in the past, through investigating the ways in which the differing styles of performance and vocality of various kinds of female singers were perceived to encode aurally different types of contemporary femininity, including new kinds of female professional identities. In addition, he is currently undertaking research into the role of musical performance in political culture and has written recently on Charles Dibdin’s loyalist songs in the 1790s and on Chartist performances of opera in the 1840s. He is currently organising a conference (with Oskar Cox Jensen) on ‘Music and Politics in Britain, c.1780–1850’ to be held in June 2017.