David Morley

Professor of Communications

Goldsmith’s College, University College London

David Morley is a Professor of Communications at Goldsmith’s College, University College London. His research spans both micro-practices of media consumption and macro questions such as the role of media technologies in constituting the ‘electronic landscapes’ within which we live. His research has addressed questions of media consumption, especially in relation to broadcast television and, more recently, the uses of a variety of ‘new’ communications technologies such as the mobile phone. His interests are focused on the role of these technologies in articulating the public and private spheres, and he has done extensive ethnographic work in this field addressing both the functional and symbolic dimensions of communications technologies. He has also works on questions of cultural theory and globalisation - and has focussed on how to develop a non-Eurocentric media studies, within a cultural studies framework. Given his interdisciplinary approach, his work spans the fields of cultural geography and media anthropology and has been concerned with the role of media technologies in the construction of communities at different scales, in the context of processes of de/re-territorialisation, and in the re-constitution of boundaries and techno-regions. Having explored questions of ‘newness’ in relation to a variety of media in his last book, his most recent research attempts to re-articulate the study of virtual communications with that of material forms of transportation, so as to better theorise the varieties of mobility (and stasis) which characterise the contemporary world.

Before coming to Goldsmiths he was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies in Birmingham and then taught at Lanchester Polytechnic and at Brunel University. He has held positions as Visiting Professor/Scholar at the University of Stockholm, University of Madison –Wisconsin, University of Southern California, North Western University (Chicago), University of Western Sydney, University of Toulouse, and at Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). At Goldsmiths he co-founded both the Transnational Research Unit and the Pacific Asia Cultural Studies Forum. He is the editor of the Comedia book series for Routledge and is on the Editorial/Advisory Boards of a number of journals, including Cultural Studies, The European Journal of Cultural Studies, Television and New Media and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.