David Scott

Professor of Anthropology

Columbia University

David Scott's work, especially since Refashioning Futures (1999) and Conscripts of Modernity (2004), has been concerned with the reconceptualization of the way we think the story of the colonial past for the postcolonial present. This has involved a variety of kinds of inquiry (taking the Caribbean as his principal “field” of engagement), into tradition and generations, dialogue and criticism, self-determination and sovereignty, tragedy and temporality, and transitional justice and liberalism. Currently, Scott is completing a book, Stuart Hall’s Voice: Style, Dialogue, and the Ethos of Receptive Generosity (based on lectures he gave at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, in November-December 2013), and working on a study of the question of reparations for the historical injustice of New World slavery. Scott continues to edit the journal he founded, Small Axe, which is involved in a number of special projects around visual, translation, literary, and historiographical issues.