Deema K. Shehabi



Palestinian-American poet Deema K. Shehabi’s first book, Thirteen Departures from the Moon, was published in 2011. Marilyn Hacker says of Ms. Shehabi's work, “sometimes a new poet appears who has a generous field of vision, a craft at once well-honed and extravagant, and a unique point of view, with narratives that could belong to no one else—a poet who, by being of her specific time and place, writes for the widest world."

Ms. Shehabi recently co-authored a book of poems with Marilyn Hacker called Diaspo/Renga, which emerged in response to events in Gaza.  Shehabi is also Vice President for the Radius of Arab-American Writers (RAWI). She plans to establish a contemporary reading series for Arab Americans in the future.

Ms. Shehabi was born in Kuwait in 1970. She came to the United States in 1988 to attend Tufts University, where she received a BA in history and international relations. In 1993, she received an MS in Journalism from Boston University.