Diablo Flamez


Darkroom Productions

Hailing from East Baltimore's Zone 18 comes the general of the Street Pirate Army...Diablo Flamez. One of Baltimore's most talented artists and songwriters, Diablo has been making noise in the city for quite some time. Always with a dominant presence in the hood, most people didn't even know Diablo rapped until one day at Morgan State University he slayed numerous major label artists in a freestyle contest. After this recognition, he went on to be featured on local Bmore club song remixes and on numerous songs with other underground artists.

A friend soon after came to Diablo and told him that he had a cousin who made beats. That cousin turned out to be Juan Donovan of Darkroom Productions. The two met, and have been family ever since.

In 2006, Darkroom released a mixtape called "Hamsterdam - the Best of Baltimore" which featured all of the hottest artists in the city. The mixtape was lead by a Diablo Flamez single called Jail Flick. The catchy hood anthem soon exploded and lead to Hamsterdam pushing over 100,000 copies and brought national attention to Baltimore, Diablo Flamez, and Darkroom Productions. After features in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, FADER, Skope, VIBE, and other publications, the team was on their way. The following year, HBO took notice and asked the team to create music for their hit series "The Wire" which was filmed in Baltimore.