Erica Benner

Fellow in Political Philosophy

Yale University

Erica Benner works on political philosophy and the history of ideas. She has special interests in the ethics of self-determination; ancient Greek philosophy and history, especially Plato and Thucydides; Machiavelli; and philosophical traditions of ironic writing. She is the author of Machiavelli’s Prince: A New Reading (Oxford UP 2013), Machiavelli’s Ethics (Princeton UP 2009), and Really Existing Nationalisms (Oxford UP 1995), and has written widely on the ethics and intellectual origins of nationalism, including and essays in the Cambridge History of Nineteenth Century Philosophy (2012) and the Oxford Handbook on Nationalism (2013). She is currently writing Be Like the Fox: Conversations with Machiavelli (Penguin and Basic Books), and Thucydides’ Moral and Political Philosophy (Princeton UP). Benner previously taught at Oxford and the London School of Economics.