Franck Leibovici

Multimedia Artist, Poet

Franck Leibovici was born in Saint-denis, la réunion, a French island in the Indian ocean, in 1975. He developed an abiding interest in poetry and the stage at a young age and, upon completing his formal training and education, settled in Paris to pursue a career in the conceptual art. 
As he established a small studio in the city, he discovered that the phase of artistic production that principally interested him was research: his mind naturally focused on data visualizations and scoring systems. It was only once Leibovici completed his investigations of a subject that he was able to decide on a format or medium, tailored to the conclusions drawn from his study. Over time, the interests that generated the cross-canonical nature of his work led him to collaborate with likeminded practitioners from different disciplines such as Yael Kreplak from the field of discourse analysis, the archaeologist Matt Egeworth, sociologist Howard Becker and criminal lawyer Julien Seroussi. 
In 2003, Leibovici published his first major thesis, “Quelques storyboards,” followed by “9+11” two years on. Through the decade, as he shared his posits on the place and function of art in modern society in a series of well-regarded long-form essays such as “Esquidaor en el fondo de un pozo,” “Portraits chinois” and “Des documents poetics.” In addition, he contributed to avant-garde poetry magazines and anthologies on a regular basis. 
In 2006, he mounted his first solo exhibition in the United States, “Thinking of Fautrier and Looking at Walls: Around the Notion of Poetic Document,” at Location One in New York. It was around this time that Leibovici conceived of a live performance built around choreographed sound as a means of communication and partition titled “Mini Opera for Non-Musicians.” Structured into ten sequences, the first vignette of the overtly political piece put to music Colin Powell’s address to the United Nations regarding Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” while another turned YouTube videos of terrorist organizations into dance sequences and theater. 
Leibovici is currently based in Paris.