George Rosen

Professor Emeritus

University of Illinois at Chicago

George Rosen, emeritus professor of economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is book review editor for the journal Economic Development and Cultural Change. He has taught at Jilin University and the Johns Hopkins-Nanking program in China, has done extensive economic research in India, and has been affiliated with the U.S. State Department, the MIT Center for International Studies, the RAND Corporation, and the Asian Development Bank. Professor Rosen's fields of interest include economic development, comparative economic systems, and economic policy making. His current research interests include Indian economic policy and U.S.-Indian relations, economic reform processes, and economic policy making.  

Professor Rosen's selected work includes Globalization and Some of Its Contents: The Autobiography of a Russian Immigrant (2005); Economic Development in Asia (1996); Contrasting Styles of Industrial Reform: China and India in the 1980's (1992); Industrial Change in India, 1970-2000 (1988); Western Economists and Eastern Societies: Agents of Change in South Asia, 1960-1970 (1986); and Decision-Making, Chicago-Style (1980).