Gustav Peebles

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

The New School

Special Advisor to Provost and Associate Professor of Anthropology

The New School

Gustav Peebles received his PhD in 2003 from the University of Chicago and is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Social Sciences, Bachelor’s Program, at The New School for Public Engagement. His research interests include history and transnational reform movements of credit and debt legislation in Europe; techniques of savings vs. hoarding; relationship between money and the body in legislation and daily practice; and an ongoing project to digitize archival fieldnotes from seminal ethnographers. 

Professor Peebles's recent publications include "For a Love of False Consciousness: Adam Smith on the Social Origins of Scarcity," Economic Sociology: The European Economic Newsletter (2011); The Euro and Its Rivals: Currency and the Construction of a Transnational City (2010); "The Anthropology of Credit and Debt," Annual Review of Anthropology (2010); “Inverting the Panopticon: Money and the Nationalization of the Future,” Public Culture (2008); and “Pierre Bourdieu,” entry for the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, eds.W. Darity and David Scott (2008).