Iain Hardie


University of Edinburgh

Iain Hardie completed his first degree in 1985 in History at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, before beginning an investment banking career in London and Hong Kong, specialising in emerging bond markets. He came to Edinburgh in 2001 to complete a part-time MSc in International and European Politics, before completing a Ph.D. in 2003-07. His Ph.D. examines the links between the financialization of government bond markets and emerging market government policy autonomy, focusing on case studies Brazil, Lebanon and Turkey. He also works with Donald Mackenzie on the sociology of financial markets.

Iain’s research interests include issues surrounding financial globalization, especially financialization and varieties of financial capitalism, focusing on the implications for both developed and developing countries. He is a member of the International Politics Research Group. He is currently part of an ESRC-funded research project with Donald Mackenzie on Collateralised Debt Obligations and the financial crisis.

His recent publications include Financialization and Government Borrowing Capacity in Emerging Markets (2012); "What does the global financial crisis tell us about Anglo-Saxon financial capitalism?," a working paper with Sylvia Maxfield (2001); "Market-Based Banking and the Financial Crisis," a working Paper with David Howarth (2011); "How Much Can Governments Borrow? Financialization and Emerging Markets Government Borrowing Capacity," Review of International Political Economy (2011); and "Die Krise but not La Crise? The Financial Crisis and the Transformation of German and French Banking Systems," Journal of Common Market Studies (2009, coauthored with David Howarth).