Jamie Hector


Jamie Hector is an actor best known for his portrayal of Marlo Stanfield on the HBO series The Wire. He is currently the co-star of TV series Bosch playing Jerry Edgar, a detective and partner to the eponymous Harry Bosch.

He has appeared in films such as Clockers (1995), He Got Game (1998), Ghost Dog (1999), Paid in Full (2002), Five Deep Breaths (2003), Blackout (2007), Max Payne (2008), and Just Another Day (2009).

In addition to his role in The Wire, Hector was featured as recurring villain Benjamin "Knox" Washington in the third season of Heroes. In Season 2 of Jericho he played a corporal for the Allied States of America. Recently, he has been in the show Person of Interest as Link, of the gang Brotherhood. He made an appearasnce on CSI Miami as Jean Guiton in 2011 and on Common Law in 2012.

Hector mentors youth through his Moving Mountains charitable organization. He teaches them martial arts and drama, counsels them and checks whether they attend school. He also fundraised for survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.