Jan Kubik

Department Chair of Political Science

Rutgers University

Jan Kubik is Professor and Chair in the Department of Political Science, Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He also serves as a Recurring Visiting Professor of Sociology, Centre for Social Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw. Author of many book chapters and articles as well as two award-winning books: The Power of Symbols against the Symbols of Power. The Rise of Solidarity and the Fall of State Socialism in Poland and Rebellious Civil Society: Popular Protest and Democratic Consolidation in Poland, 1989-1993 (with Grzegorz Ekiert).

His recent work deals with the relationship between political science and cultural anthropology (Anthropology and Political Science: a convergent approach, with Myron Aronoff, Berghahn Books, 2013; critical analysis of post-communist studies (Postcommunism from Within. Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony, co-edited with Amy Linch, NYU Press, 2013); and the politics of memory (Twenty Years After Communism: The Politics of Memory and Commemoration, edited with Michael Bernhard, Oxford University Press, forthcoming July 2014).

His research interests include: culture and politics, protest politics and social movements, communist and post-communist politics, and interpretive and ethnographic methods in political science. He received M.A. (sociology and philosophy) from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and Ph.D. (anthropology, with distinction) from Columbia University.