Jane Shore

Professor of English

George Washington University

Jane Shore's poetry has garnered accolades from critics and prestigious awards in her field. She is the author of five books of poems: Eye Level, winner of the 1977 Juniper Prize; The Minute Hand, awarded the 1986 Lamont Prize; Music Minus One, a finalist for the 1996 National Book Critic Circle Award; Happy Family (1999); and A Yes-or-No Answer (2008), winner of the 2010 Poets' Prize. Shore writes poems that are "memorabilia; they cultivate the leisure and faceted pleasure of retrospection; they favor the miniature and the artifactual; they are tender toward kitsch," to quote a reviewer in Poetry magazine. Shore produced her first mainstream poetry collection in 1977 and has published approximately one volume per decade since. Her interests, almost always autobiographical and pertinent to her cultural Jewish heritage, are, according to a Virginia Quarterly Review correspondent, "carefully constructed and restrained, in a voice that maintains a deceptively calm and even tone."

Shore is the recipient of fellowships from The Guggenheim Foundation, The Radcliffe Institute, The Hodder at Princeton University, The Foxcroft School, and twice from The National Endowment for the Arts. She is a professor at George Washington University and lives in Washington, DC and in Vermont.