Janet Lyon

Associate Professor of English and Women Studies

Pennsylvania State University

Janet Lyon is an associate professor of English and an affiliate of the Women and Gender Studies department. She is co-editor of the Journal of Modern Literature. Her scholarship focuses mainly on modernism, and especially its historical, sociological, and philosophical contexts in Ireland, Great Britain, and the global reaches of the British empire. Her first book, Manifestoes: Provocations of the Modern, offers a history and a theory of the manifesto form, beginning in 1640 and focusing on its use by modernist and avant-garde groups. She is completing a book titled The Perfect Hostess: Sociability and Modernism, which studies the salons, at-homes, wild parties, pub crawls, and tea-house poetry groups in the modernist moment. She also works in Disability Studies, focusing especially on the emergence of "disability" as a category in the modernist period, and is working on a book titled 'Idiot Child on a Fire Escape': Modernism's Disability. Her articles have appeared in Modernism/modernity, ELH, Yale Journal of Criticism and other journals in the field. She is on the faculty of Penn State's summer study abroad program in Ireland. She has won several college- and university-wide teaching awards including, most recently,the Penn State Alumni and Student Teaching Award (2010), and the College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Faculty Advising Award (2013).