Jennifer Griffiths


Iowa State University

Jennifer S. Griffiths a lecturer for Iowa State University College of Design in Rome and a staff writer for the American Academy in Rome. She completed doctoral work at Bryn Mawr College in 2012 across the disciplines of Italian Studies and the History of Art. Her publications on issues of gender and representation in Italy have appeared in Gastronomica (2012), Women’s Studies Quarterly (2013), and Annali d’Italianistica (2015). She is currently working on her first monograph, which is tentatively entitled In the Lions’ Jaws: Women Artists of Italian Futurism in Critical Perspective. The focus of her doctoral research was on the European avant-gardes with a geographic subfield in Italy and a specialization in Futurism. In her dissertation, “Futurist Aeropainting: Extended Women and the Kingdom of the Machine,” she examined the role of the feminine within Futurist machine aesthetics and analyzed women artists of the movement who interrupted and realigned gendered understandings of aviation technology common to the cultural and political atmosphere of Italy under Fascist rule. More broadly sge is interested in critical gender studies and political history as related to a broad spectrum of European visual and material culture.