Jennifer L. Brady

Fellow of Academic Research, Division of Arts and Humanities

Harvard University

Jennifer L. Brady is a lecturer in History and Literature in the America field and a Fellow of Academic Research in the Division of Arts and Humanities at Harvard University.  She received her doctorate in English and a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Emory University in 2010 and served as a Visiting Assistant Professor in their Department of English in 2010-2011.  Her current book project, “Sentimental Reading in the Antebellum United States,” offers a historical and theoretical consideration of the widespread sentimentalization of reading practices and reading publics in the nineteenth century.  Her work on antinovel tracts, fan letters, and historical and imagined readers has appeared in American Literature and Common-place.  Her research interests include early and nineteenth-century American literature and culture, sentimentality, women’s writing, early African American literature, theories of affect, and history of the book.  At Harvard, she teaches junior tutorials that range across American history and literature and advises senior theses.