Jennifer Rhodes

Core Lecturer in Literature Humanities

Columbia University

Jennifer Rhodes is a Core Lecturer in Literature Humanities. She holds a PhD in Italian and Comparative Literature and Society from Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2017). Her research investigates sites of interchange between literature and the visual and performing arts in Europe and the Americas. Her current book project explores the influence of Richard Wagner on the 20th century novel. Jennifer draws extensively upon the disciplines of film studies, performance studies, translation studies, and gender studies in her research. She spends summers on the staff of The Santa Fe Opera, where she runs and writes subtitles and speaks frequently on opera and drama.

Jennifer is a devoted fan of the Core Curriculum as a whole. She completed her B.A. in Comparative Literature at Columbia College and credits the Core with sparking her enduring fascination with the ways in which narratives move across the permeable membranes of medium, culture, and time. While a graduate student, Jennifer received the 2015 Meyerson Award for Excellence in Core Teaching for Literature Humanities. She is deeply invested in experimental pedagogy, particularly in strategies that incorporate performing and visual arts practices into the literature classroom.