Jessica Lee

Associate Director

Freedom & Citizenship

Jessica Lee is the Associate Director of Freedom & Citizenship, a free educational program in political philosophy and civic engagement offered to low-income New York City high school students through Columbia's Center for American Studies and Double Discovery Center. Jessica received her Ph.D. in history from Columbia in 2016 with a dissertation titled "To the Seventh Generation: Italians and the Creation of an American Political Identity, 1921-1948"

Jessica's pilot program, "Citizenship from Socrates to Snapchat" is an introductory program to F&C that engages middle and high school students from Columbia's Double Discovery Center in philosophy and civic engagement. In this 3-day workshop to be held on Columbia's campus in the summer of 2018, students will read ancient, historic, and modern political philosophy texts on a central question; research contemporary applications of that question in modern politics;  and develop a call to action to engage their peers on the topic. This year's question will be that of what to do with refugees of natural disasters. What is the responsibility of the afflicted society, neighbor states, and the global community? The development of the curriculum and the execution of the program will be under the supervision of a Columbia undergraduate student in coordination with alumni of the Freedom & Citizenship program on which this pilot is modeled. The curriculum, readings, lesson plans, and outcomes will be added to the Freedom & Citizenship website for other educators to use.