John Forrester

Professor of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Cambridge

John Forrester's research interests include history and philosophy of psychoanalysis and human sciences. He is the Editor of the journal Psychoanalysis and History. Forrester is completing a study (with Laura Cameron) of the reception of psychoanalysis in Cambridge in the early twentieth century. As one of the co-applicants of the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award on 'Generation to Reproduction', headed by Nick Hopwood, he is also researching the relations between the psychological disciplines and the development of new technologies in the areas of sexual enhancement, assisted reproduction and (trans)gender construction in the 1950s and after. Within this area of research, he has published a paper on the work of Robert Stoller ("The Psychoanalytic Case: Voyeurism, Ethics, and Epistemology in Robert Stoller's Sexual Excitement" in Science without Laws Model Systems, Cases, Exemplary Narratives, Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2007, pp. 189–211 (Angela N. H. Creager, Elizabeth Lunbeck, and M. Norton Wise (eds.))