John Shovlin

Associate Professor of History

New York University

Professor Shovlin works in the areas of political and cultural history of ancien régime Europe, particularly France; the French Revolution; history of political economy; aristocratic culture and politics; international politics and international political thought in eighteenth-century Europe; the Franco-British relationship. He is working on a book exploring the Franco-British relationship from 1713 to 1787 and, through this lens, the character of international order in eighteenth-century Europe and its imperial extensions. Shovlin is particularly interested in documenting moments of collaboration, cross-channel and inter-imperial coalitions, and long term symbioses between the two political communities—aspects of the Franco-British relationship to which little scholarly attention has been devoted. The book explores the role of transnational financial, intellectual, and political networks in mediating international politics in this period. In so doing, the aim is to consider the ways financial and commercial capitalism, and the intellectual culture of the age, shaped international order in the eighteenth century.