Joy Dixon

Associate Professor of History

University of British Columbia

Joy Dixon is currently working on two book projects. One is a book-length study, tentatively titled Sexual Heresies:  Religion, Science, and Sexuality in Modern Britain, that explores the impact of the new sciences of sexuality and new understandings of sexual identity on religion and religious experience, from liberal modernism to the new orthodoxies of conservative Catholicism and evangelicalism.  The book ranges from an exploration of the Cambridge ritualists to sexologists like Havelock Ellis, and from sexual radicals like Edward Carpenter to the Anglican Evelyn Underhill.  The second book project (Sexuality in Modern Europe, under contract to University of Toronto Press)  is an introduction to the history of sexuality in Europe from the mid-eighteenth to the late twentieth centuries. It traces the rise (and fall) of "sexual identity" as both a historical phenomenon and a theoretical construct.