Karen Hunt

Professor of Modern British History

Keele University

Karen Hunt was appointed Professor of Modern British History at Keele University in 2006. She has published widely on the gendering of politics, including Equivocal Feminists: the Social Democratic Federation and the Woman Question (1996), based on her prize-winning PhD, and Socialist Women: Britain 1880s to 1920s (2002), with June Hannam. Her most recent work is on women’s activism around the politics of food in First World War Britain, on political tourism and on transnational networks of radicals across the British Empire. Many of these interests have emerged from her biographical work on Dora Montefiore. Fascination with Montefiore has prompted journeys into many historiographies (suffrage history, communist history, and the role of scandal in politics) as well as physical journeys following in Montefiore’s footsteps in Australia, South Africa, and Scandinavia.

Over many years she has worked to promote women’s history: locally through Manchester Women’s History Group; nationally through the Women’s History Network; and internationally as a board member of the International Federation for Research in Women’s History.