Kathy Fry

Postdoctoral Research Associate

King's College London

Kathy Fry is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at King’s College London, working as part of the European Research Council-funded project ‘Music in London 1800-1851’. Her research focuses on musical culture in nineteenth-century Britain and Germany, and intersections between music, literature and social theory. She holds a BA in Music from the University of Cambridge, an MA in critical theory and PhD in musicology, both from King’s College London. Her PhD thesis, ‘Nietzsche and Wagner: Music Language, Decadence’ (2015), analysed Nietzsche’s writings about music (Wagner in particular) within the context of his wider philosophies of language and culture, drawing comparisons with surrounding debates about Wagnerism, as well as with contemporary theories of language in post-structuralism. Her work is published in Opera Quarterly, Cambridge Opera Journal and forthcoming in The Journal of the Royal Musical Association.